Monday, May 19, 2008

Marder, Michael. "Differance of the 'Real.'" PARRHESIA 4 (2008): 49-61.

Revisiting the Husserlian slogan "To the things themselves!" and the Kantian idea of the thing in itself, we might ask, along with Derrida, What is inside the thing? What is encrypted in this seemingly vacuous notion and within the concrete thing itself? Yet, we may pose the first question only on condition that we do not pre-comprehend its meaning, nor any single word comprising it. An interrogation of the query’s every word will reveal that what the thing harbors includes not only a "what" but also a "who"; that its interiority incessantly turns inside out and outside in; that the thing is interchangeable with the athing; and that, eventually, the copula itself dissipates into a relation of non-identity. After outlining these différantial qualities of thingly interiority, I will discuss how it shelters the event of expropriation in a re-configuration of Heideggerian Ereignis. Read the rest here:

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