Sunday, May 04, 2008

CFP: "Architecture and Phenomenology," FOOTPRINT: JOURNAL OF THE DELFT SCHOOL OF DESIGN 3.

For the third issue of Footprint ( we are calling for papers that take accountof current discussions in philosophy and architecture on phenomenology withrespect to space, place, location. Papers which deal with the late work on‘topology’ in Heidegger, and the issue of perception and ‘inner spatiality’ inthe work of Merleau-Ponty are of immediate interest. We hope also to have papers which deal with Brentano’s work on space. A furthertopic of special interest is the critique, provided by Heidegger andMerleau-Ponty, of Descartes, and of functionalism in general. The re-reading ofAristotle by Heidegger with regard to public space, and the development of thisin the work of Arendt is also of interest. Papers are welcome on the work ofarchitects who have deployed insights from the philosophical area of researchfor their work. Examinations of the research of Casey, Malpas, Dreyfus andothers including Ihde would be a welcome addition to the issue, either in theform of short notices or reviews. Articles will be peer reviewed, and the issue is expected to be available atthe beginning of October. All papers and correspondence should be sent to theeditors, Patrick Healy, Brendan O'Byrne, e-mail and marked issue no.3. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of June 2008. Papers shouldbe between 6-8000 words,please see 'Guidelines for Authors' through the link here:

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