Friday, May 23, 2008

CFP: "Power: Forms, Dynamics and Consequences," Department of Sociology and Social Psychology, University of Tampere, September 22-24, 2008.

What is power and who has power today? Has power escaped from nation-states to international organizations and the global market? Does power reside in big institutions or is it rooted in micro level interaction? How does power hide from view and therefore become most effective? For social scientists power is in many ways like what St. Augustine said about time: it is central to our investigations and we think we know what it is, but it is hard to explain. By bringing together scholars who approach power from different angles this conference will advance our understanding about power relations in social reality. Keynote speakers will include: Mitchell Dean, Robert Dingwall, Mark Haugaard, Tuula Juvonen, Lois McNay, Randy Lippert, Leslie Pal, and Pekka Sulkunen. If you want to present a paper, please send an abstract by 31st May 2008. The sessions can be found from "accepted sessions" page. You can contact the conference organisers by email: Visit the conference homepage here:

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