Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Right, History and Religion: Readings on Hegel's PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT," Universidade Salamanca, Spain, September 22-24, 2010.

Fourth International Conference of the Sociedad Española de Estudios sobre Hegel. Plenary Speakers: Mariano Álvarez Gómez (Univ. Salamanca) Gabriel Amengual (Univ. P. de Mallorca) Edmundo Balsemao (Univ. Coimbra) Pedro Cerezo (Univ. Granada) Jean-François Kervegan (Univ. Paris-I) Juan Manuel Navarro (Univ. Complutense, Madrid) María del Carmen Paredes (Univ. Salamanca) Ludwig Siep (Univ. Münster) Salvi Turró (Univ. Barcelona) Robert R. Williams (Univ. Illinois, Chicago) Papers of around 3000-3500 words are invited from faculty members and graduate students across the theme of the conference. A 1000-Word Abstract should be sent as e-mail attachment, to: paredes@usal.es, specifying name, affiliation and contact e-mail address. For further details please mail to: contacto@shegel.es or visit the conference web page here: http://www.shegel.es/iv-congreso.

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