Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pub: "Arousal." NEW WORLD PICTURE 4 (2010).

Table of Contents: Peggy Ahwesh, The Color of Love Peggy Ahwesh, Collections: The Hermitage featuring The Qajar Dynasty, Persia Sam Cooper, Sex and the Situs Maya Deren, Four Unpublished Poems Rosalind Galt, Perverse Aesthetics: Maria Beatty, Masochism, and the Cinematic Elena Gorfinkel, Arousal in Ruins: The Color of Love and the Haptic Object of Film History Ken Jacobs, About Myself Ken Jacobs, Nymph, Berkeley to San Francisco, and Selections on the Theme of Arousal Michael Lawrence, “Carefully Posed Thighs”: The Garden of Eden in 1966 James Mensch, Arousal: The Intertwining of the Within and the Without Kelly Oliver, Wake Up! Even if Life Is but a Dream: Ethics of/as Arousal John David Rhodes, Notes on Cinematic Desire (for Louis) Nicole Rizzuto, Colonial Insurgency and the Spectral Rhetoric of Arousal Meghan Sutherland, About Opsis Domietta Torlasco, I am you, if I am: Notes for a Phenomenology of Narcissism Download the issue here: http://english.okstate.edu/worldpicture/WP_4/TOC.html.

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