Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Where's Your Argument? Informal Logic, Critical Thinking and Argumentation," Manchester Metropolitan University, April 12-13, 2010.

DAY ONE: issues in the study of Informal Logic and Argumentation
  • what is the difference between a good argument and a bad argument?; what's the difference between rhetoric and argument?; is there a difference between legitimate persuasion and propaganda?
  • an opportunity to participate in discussion with some of the leading authors writing on these crucial questions.

DAY TWO: the role of argument and rhetoric in policy and politics

  • do you have a right to your own opinion?; is the Spin Doctor's art a noble one?
  • an opportunity to inoculate yourself against political rhetoric, in time for the General Election!


  • Frans van Eemeren, "The Pragma-Dialectical Approach to Argument"
  • Lars Hertzberg, "The Grammar of Inference"
  • Don S. Levi, "The Informality of Logic"
  • Michael Loughlin, "The 'Evidence Based Medicine' Debate"
  • Steven Poole, "Unspeak"
  • John Powell, "Criteria for Good Argument"
  • Rupert Read, "'Reframing' and 'Unspeak' or Politics Without Propaganda?"
  • Jamie Whyte, "Bad Thoughts and Worse Policies"

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