Monday, March 29, 2010

"New Paths in Political Philosophy," SUNY, Buffalo, and Centre for Modern Thought, University of Aberdeen, March 28-29, 2008.

Friday, March 28 9:00-10:00: Coffee 10:00-10:30: Welcoming Remarks by Dean Charles Stinger (Arts and Sciences, SUNY-Buffalo). 10:30-1:00: David Johnson (SUNY-Buffalo), Chair
  • Carlo Galli (University of Bologna, Italy): "Carl Schmitt nell’etá globale"
  • Adam Sitze (Amherst College): "A Space Without War, a War Without Space: Remarks on Carlo Galli’s Political Spaces"
1:00-2:00: Lunch @ 904 Clemens Hall 2:00-4:30: Galen Brokaw (SUNY-Buffalo), Chair.
  • Giuseppe Duso (University of Padua, Italy): "Pensare la politica oltre i concetti moderni"
  • Miguel Vatter (Universidad Católica de Chile): "Republicanism or Modern Natural Right? The Question of the Origins of Modern Representative Democracy and the Political Thought of Giuseppe Duso"
4:30-5:00: Coffee 5:00-6:30: Sergio Villalobos (University of Arkansas), Chair.
  • Brett Levinson (SUNY-Binghamton): "Politics and Optimism for the Blank Generation"
  • Jon Beasley-Murray (University of British Columbia): "Biopolitics in Esposito and Negri"
9:00: Dinner at Lombardo’s Ristorante, 1198 Hertel Ave., Buffalo NY (873-4291) Saturday, March 29. 9:00-10:00: Coffee 10:00-12:30: Sara Nadal (University of Pennsylvania), Chair
  • Roberto Esposito (University of Naples, Italy): "Persona, Uomo, Cosa: Per una filosofia del impersonale"
  • Tim Campbell (Cornell University): "'Foucault Wasn’t a Person': Reflections on Idolatry and the Impersonal in Roberto Esposito’s Terza persona"
12:30-1:30: Lunch @ 904 Clemens Hall 1:30-4:00: Susana Draper (Princeton University), Chair.
  • José Luis Villacañas (University of Murcia, Spain): "Representación/politización: Los supuestos liberales de la razón populista"
  • Alberto Moreiras (University of Aberdeen, UK/SUNY-Buffalo): "Heimlich/Unheimlich: La in/domesticación del estar político"
4:00-4:30: Coffee 4:30-6:30: Laurence Shine (Buffalo State College), Chair.
  • Bruno Bosteels (Cornell University): "Politics, Infrapolitics, Impolitics"
  • Vincent Gugino (Legal Aid, Buffalo): "Republican Anxiety, or Franklin as Constitutional Thinker"
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  1. Apologies. My mistake entirely. I have no idea what made me think it was 2010! Thanks, Anon, for pointing it out.