Monday, March 01, 2010

"Phenomenology and the Vulnerable Body: the Experience of Illness," Department of Philosophy, University of Hull, May 6-7, 2010.

This workshop brings together an interdisciplinary set of speakers to look at the experience of bodily vulnerability and consider its implications for the understanding of embodiment and selfhood. The resources of phenomenology will be put into conversation with accounts of the lived experiences of those living with illness, pain or other kinds of bodily vulnerability. Contributions will be made from, philosophers, health practitioners, medics and others. Papers:
  • Fredrik Svenaeus, "Illness as unhomelike being-in-the world: Heidegger and the phenomenology of medicine"
  • Katherine J. Morris, "Living the ambiguity of diagnosis: a case study"
  • Matthew Ratcliffe, "Phenomenology of Depression"
  • Lisa Folkmarson Käll, "Pain Embodied in Expressive Space"
  • Havi Carel, "The Phenomenology of Illness"
  • Deborah Padfield, "Bodies in Pain" (including slides of her work)
  • Jack Wilson, "Sartre: Illness and the experience of the body"
  • Carol Eastwood, "Towards a Phenomenology of Endometriosis"
  • Minae Inahara, "The Sound of Pain: Embodied Subjectivity and Onomatopoeic Expressions in Japanese"
  • Patricia McGettigan, "Falling: from the perspective of patients"
  • Julie Jomeen, "Women's lived experience of their pregnant bodies"
  • Michael Gillan Peckitt, "Limping After Leder and House"
  • Annabel Howe, "'I’ve been playing in the house of ages': Dementia, Advance Decisions and Embodied Experience"
  • Lesley Jones & Robin Bunton, "Wounded or Warriors , deafness, technology and the body"
  • Diane Pitt, "The Role of Phenomenology in Clinical Diagnostics: the Experience of Women with Heart Disease"
  • Anthony Wilde, "Levinas and the Vulnerable Body"
  • Stephen Burwood, "Torture"

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