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Pub: KRITIKE 3.2 (December 2009).


  • Editorial: In this Issue of KRITIKE: an Online Journal of Philosophy by Paolo A. Bolaños


  • "Against Alienation: the Emancipative Potential of Critical Pedagogy in Fromm" by Rafael D. Pangilinan
  • "A Critical Pragmatism: Marcuse, Adorno, and Peirce on the Artificial Stagnation of Individual and Social Development in Advanced Industrial Societies" by Clancy Smith
  • "The Copernican Revolution in Pragmatism? Dewey on Philosophy and Science" by Tracy Ann P. Llanera
  • "Iterability and Différance: Re-tracing the Context of the Text" by Roland Theuas S. Pada
  • "Kant and the Turn to Romanticism" by Vinod Lakshmipathy
  • "The Experience of Consciousness: the Architectonic of the Grundlage der gesammten Wissenschaftslehre" by Ronnie Mather
  • "The Open" by Saitya Brata Das
  • "From Brokenness of Death to Refigured Forgiveness: Reflections on Ricoeur's Fault, Narrativity, and Capable Human Being" by Jonathan Ray Villacorta
  • "Foucault and Ethical Subjectivity" by Wendyl M. Luna


  • "Time Traveler: On Critical Theory in the Philippines Part II (A Philosophical Fiction)" by F. P. A. Demeterio

Book Review:

  • James, George G. M., Stolen Legacy: the Egyptian Origins of Western Philosophy by Kristian Urstad

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