Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cfp: "The Horror, the Humour: Satire and Dark Comedy in a Postmodern World," Lincoln School of Humanities and Performing Arts, October 9, 2010.

This one day comedy symposium sets out to examine the notion of satire and the overlap with Dark Comedy in the 21st Century, with particular reference to the post 1960's so called boom. In the last part of his book, That Was Satire That Was (2000), Humphrey Carpenter declares that 'Everyone is [now] a satirist.' The conference then aims to begin to identify where satire stands in the postmodern world. It asks such questions as: How has the political landscape changed the notion of satire (particularly interesting in this election year)? Are people so cynical with regard to politics that the job of the satirist is harder than ever before? How has the notion of Political Correctness affected the work of the satirist and whether Humphrey Carpenter's declaration that 'Everyone is a Satirist' is justified? This is an interdisciplinary conference and welcomes papers on satire in its many forms from TV and Film Drama to debates around political cartoons whilst also seeking papers on non-western forms of Satire in addition to the Anglo-American. Possible topics could include but are not exclusive to these subjects: * Satire and Politics (in every sense of the term 'Politics') * Satire and Gender * Satire in the Global Context * Satire and Journalism * The Satirist and Fine Art * Satire on Film and Television (including Animation) * Satire in Theatrical Performance * Satire in the Novel * Political Cartoons

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