Monday, November 07, 2011

"LIT CRI '12," Fine Arts University of Mimar Sinan, Istanbul, May 2-5, 2012.

LIT CRI 2012 intends raising questions on new dimensions of literature, literary theory and literary criticism in the new millennium.


Re-reading 20th century

Roots of contemporary literature
Creative heritage of 20th century
Texts preserving actuality in different places of the world
Recent date masterpieces
Historical and geographical interactions

Actual Tendencies

Budding genius authors in different places of the world
Re-discovered ones
Newly emerged themes, forms, styles
Experimental works
Reflections of politic and social life to literature


Relations between literatures of countries/languages
The problem of centrality and locality
Literature criticism in recent period
Literature history
Literature theory
Translation discussions

Relation of literature with other close disciplines

New media, technology and daily life
Cities and culture
Literature and politics
Literature and philosophy
Literature and sociology

Logistics of literature

Activities, fests, fairs
Rewards, institutes, funds
Creative writing education
Magazines, publishers, web-portalS

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