Sunday, November 27, 2011



Siegfried J. Schmidt, From Objects to Processes: A Proposal to Rewrite Radical Constructivism
Christine Angela Knoop, Toward a Theory of Observers in Action
Winfried Nöth, Some Neglected Semiotic Premises of Some Radically Constructivist Conclusions
Richard Buttny & John W. Lannamann, Investigating Process as Language and Social Interaction
Stefano Franchi, Radical Constructivism's Tathandlung, Structure, and Geist
Hugh Gash, Moving Forward from Radical or Social Constructivism to a Higher Level Synthesis
John Stewart, Life as a Process of Bringing Forth a World
Mariaelena Bartesaghi, On Making Process Practically Visible, or Moving Constructivism Beyond Philosophical Argumentation
John Shotter, Perceiving "Things" and "Objects" from Within Processes: Resolutions Situated in Practices
Ekkehard Kappler, ...And so on and so on and so ...
André Donk, All Quiet on the Constructivism Front -- Or is there a Substantial Contribution of Non-Dualistic Approaches for Communication Science?
Armin Scholl, How a Process-oriented Approach in Radical Constructivism Affects Empirical Research
Edmond Wright, Faith as Ethically Basic to the Task of Constructing
David Krieger, Making a Difference
Stefan Weber, Does Schmidt's Process-Orientated Philosophy Contain a Vicious Infinite Regress Argument?
Karl H. Müller, The Missing Links in S. J. Schmidt's Rewriting Operations. An Austrian Contribution

Hugo Urrestarazu, Autopoietic Systems: A Generalized Explanatory Approach -- Part 2
Vincent Kenny,Continuous Dialogues II: Human Experience. Ernst von Glasersfeld's Answers to a Wide Variety of Questioners on the Oikos Web Site 1997-2010

Bart Van Kerkhove, Dialectics in Action, World at Stake. Review of Bridges to the World. A Dialogue on the Construction of Knowledge, Education, and Truth by David Kenneth Johnson & Matthew R. Silliman
David A. Reid, Enaction: An Incomplete Paradigm for Consciousness Science. Review of Enaction: Toward a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science edited by John Stewart, Olivier Gapenne and Ezequiel A. Di Paolo
Jakub Ryszard Matyja, (Just Like) Starting Over? Review of Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain by Antonio Damasio
Tom Ziemke, Realism Redux: Gibson's Affordances Get a Well-Deserved Update. Review of Radical Embodied Cognitive Science by Anthony Chemero

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