Friday, September 25, 2009

Pub: Kansteiner, Wulf, and Christoph Classen, eds. HISTORICAL REPRESENTATION AND HISTORICAL TRUTH. HISTORY AND THEORY (May 2009).

The May 2009 issue of History and Theory is the postponed (from December 2008) Theme Issue 47 on Historical Representation and Historical Truth, edited by Wulf Kansteiner and Christoph Classen. The issue explores the ways various non-standard modes of representing historical events (such as films, museum exhibits, novels, photographs, historical video games, and a non-standard history book) can succeed (or not) in revealing what these events were, and the ways these modes enrich the notion of historical truth. The Issue is particularly mind-opening in expanding the possibilities for doing history and for representing past events. It contains the following articles:
  • CHRISTOPH CLASSEN and WULF KANSTEINER, "Truth and Authenticity in Contemporary Historical Culture: an Introduction to Historical Representation and Historical Truth"
  • ANN RIGNEY, "All This Happened, More or Less: What a Novelist Made of the Bombing of Dresden"
  • WULF KANSTEINER, "Success, Truth, and Modernism in Holocaust Historiography: Reading Saul Friedländer Thirty-Five Years after the Publication of Metahistory"
  • JUDITH KEILBACH, "Photographs, Symbolic Images, and the Holocaust: On the (Im)possibility of Depicting Historical Truth"
  • CHRISTOPH CLASSEN, "Balanced Truth: Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List among History, Memory, and Popular Culture"
  • CLAUDIO FOGU, "Digitalizing Historical Consciousness"
  • BETTINA M. CARBONELL, "The Syntax of Objects and the Representation of History: Speaking of Slavery in New York"

Click here to read abstracts of the articles in this issue:; to download a free copy of Classen’s and Kansteiner’s Introduction or of Fogu’s essay about what digitalization is doing to historical consciousness, please click here: To read the full issue, a subscription is required.

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