Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Beam, Alex. "Making History. Or Not." BOSTON GLOBE September 8, 2009.

Marcus, Greil, and Werner Sollors, eds. New Literary History of America. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 2009. Linda Lovelace and James Fenimore Cooper. Together at last. Welcome to Harvard’s wacky New Literary History of America, arriving in bookstores as we speak. “Deep Throat,’’ “Roll Over, Beethoven,’’ the election of Barack Obama - it’s all literature now. What exactly is this wildly uneven, 1,100-page doorstop retailing for a mere $49.95? It’s certainly not a textbook, not unless you are teaching Andrew Jackson’s bank veto, the story of the Winchester rifle, Hurricane Katrina, and “the startling poetry of Juan Felipe Herrera’’ in the same course. The Harvard University Press calls it a reference work, but Publishers Weekly churlishly noted that “Sylvia Plath barely gets a nod as does James Merrill.’’ . . . Read the rest here:

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