Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Derrida's Ghosts: Five Years After His Death," Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, Università di Torino, October 7-10, 2009.

Wed, 7 Oct.
3.30-7 p.m. Aldo Masullo, Introduction Peter Sloterdijk, "Lectio Magistralis" Maurizio Ferraris, "Derrida’s Ghosts"
Thurs, 8 Oct.
9.30 a.m.-1 p.m. Politics Chair: Armando Massarenti Roberto Esposito, "Biopolitics and Immunity" Giacomo Marramao, "From the Politics of Friendship to the Beast and the Sovereign" Sebastiano Maffettone, "Force and Justice: Derrida in International Relations" Giovanna Borradori, "The Other Speech, Another Trace: Derrida, Habermas and Religion" Corrado Ocone, "Derrida and Enlightenment" 3.30-7 p.m. Ethics Chair: Giuseppe Cantillo Vincenzo Vitiello, "De amicitia: Derrida, Nietzsche, Schmitt" Bruno Moroncini, "Ash Ethics" Pieraldo Rovatti, "An Ethics of the Impossible" Pina De Luca, "The Stranger that We Are: Ethics and Aesthetics of Hospitality" Silvano Petrosino, "Experience and Textuality" Giovanni Leghissa, "Derrida and the Moderns’ Religion"
Fri, 9 Oct.
9.30 a.m.-1 p.m. Technique Chair: Stefano Poggi Gianni Vattimo, "A Politics of Difference?" Carlo Sini, "Beyond Text" Gianfranco Dalmasso, "Nothing but Text" Vincenzo Costa, "The Difference as a Condition of Appearing" Gaetano Chiurazzi, "'The Fact that I Do not Understand': Writing Between Technique and Event" 3.30-6.30 p.m. Biography Chair Nuccio Ordine René Major, "Derrida’s Psychoanalysis" Benoît Peeters, "A Life of Jacques Derrida" Marie-Louise Mallet, "Why Publish Derrida’s Seminars?" Manuel Asensi, "Play It Again, Derrida" Charles Alunni, "Derrida’s Ghost" 6.30-8 p.m. Viewing of Derrida, by Amy Ziering Kofman and Kirby Dick
Sat, 10 Oct.
9.30 a.m. -1 p.m Irradiation Chair: Umberto Curi Caterina Resta, "Globalization and New International: For a Cosmopolitics to Come" Beppe Sebaste, "The Ghost’s Body" Simone Regazzoni, "Sovereignty in Deconstruction" Amelia Valtolina, "With Him, Towards Him: Jacques Derrida and Paul Celan" Francesco Vitale, "Writing and Space. The Deconstruction’s Architecture" Alberto Andronico, "Derrida as Read by Jurists" 3.30-7 p.m. The Future of Deconstruction Chair: Antonio Gnoli Final Round Table

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