Friday, July 25, 2008

Rundkvist, Martin. "Against Theoretical Archaeology." AARDVARCHAEOLOGY July 23, 2008.

Rundkvist's credo:
  • Archaeology is part of the hugely successful, rationalist, empirical, scientific Enlightenment project to find out what the world really is and has been like.
  • Archaeology is one of the disciplines within this project responsible (in close interdisciplinary cooperation) for finding out what life was like for people in the past.
  • Archaeology alone takes care of the study of material remains of past societies.
  • All enquiry that does not concern the life-ways of people in the past and/or does not study material remains is non-archaeology.
  • All non-rationalist enquiry is non-science and thus non-archaeology.
  • All impressionist-aesthetic commentary is non-science and thus non-archaeology.
  • Politics are about values and thus non-science. Archaeology should therefore resist all attempts from inside and outside the discipline to ascribe political relevance to it.. . .
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