Thursday, July 24, 2008

O'Kane, Josh. "Want to Get Ahead? Take Philosophy." TELEGRAPH-JOURNAL July 23, 2008.

Philosophy has become more, not less, relevant in today's world, and the enrolment numbers are there to prove it. Since 2002, UNB Saint John has seen an rise in enrolment of nearly 20 per cent in philosophy classes at the school - increasing from 2,572 students to 3,075 in just five years. UNBSJ professor Murray Littlejohn, one of the two philosophy professors at the school, says the increasing interest in philosophy is part of a national trend. David Flagel is the other professor and co-ordinator of the discipline for UNBSJ. "Physics, biology, astronomy, medicine, psychology, politics, literary studies, cultural studies - these are all philosophy's children," said Littlejohn. "It is very natural for philosophy to continue to reflect critically on the subject matter that is at issue in each of these disciplines since they were all born of philosophical reflection and inquiry." . . . Read the rest here:

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