Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Neiman, Susan. "Can and Kant." GLOBE AND MAIL May 10, 2008.

Kant was a terrible writer. He was honest enough to admit it, and gracious enough to publish his longing for the elegance and clarity of style with which two of his contemporaries – David Hume and Moses Mendelssohn – were born. Kant knew The Critique of Pure Reason was a problem, and his later attempts to revise or summarize it only made things worse. Still, the book is the single greatest work of modern philosophy, and has but one rival – Plato’s Republic – in the history of thought. It’s not only general readers who are put off by its clumsy, sluggish writing; most university courses spend so much time on the first half that they stop before reaching what Kant said was the point. . . . Read the rest here: http://www.susan-neiman.de/docs/kant_globe08.pdf.

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