Monday, February 11, 2008

"History, Fable and Myth: Lamming at 80," 27th Annual Conference on West Indian Literature, University of West Indies, February 28-March 1, 2008.

The conference organizers are taking the opportunity provided by the conference to mark the occasion of George Lamming’s 80th birthday and to celebrate his contribution to West Indian Literature with panels dedicated to his work as well as remarks by Mr. Lamming himself. The larger theme of the conference will of course inform all the panels. Suggested topics for panels include: 1. Lamming’s poetry/novels 2. Lamming’s essays and other writings 3. Critical responses to Lamming’s work 4. History and West Indian literature 5. Caribbean fables of identity 6. Myth and folklore in the literature of the Caribbean 7. Myth, memory and imagination: filling the voids in Caribbean History 8. Gender and sexuality in Caribbean writing: myths, legends and mischief 9. Myths, fables and migration: the literature of the Caribbean diaspora 10. Caribbean literature and the visual arts 11. West Indian literature and contemporary critical theory 12. Caribbean cinema as instrument of history, myth and fable. Further information is here:

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