Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CFP: "Specialisation, Semiosis, Semiotics," 33rd Annual Meeting, Semiotic Society of America, University of St. Thomas, October 16–19, 2008.

The non-restrictive theme of the meeting is “Specialization, Semiosis, Semiotics”, intended to underscore the fact that semiotics provides the only perspective that is inherently transdisciplinary, resulting from the universal dependence of experience and knowledge upon semiosis — that is, the action of signs. Papers on any aspect of the doctrine of signs, theoretical or applied, are welcome. Explicit tie-in to the theme is not required. Proposals should be made in the form of abstracts of approximately 150 words for evaluation by the Program Committee. Email address & full information concerning institutional affiliation, as applicable, should accompany the abstract submissions. Abstracts, together with index key-words and AV requirements (only if necessary: try to avoid) for individual papers and/or sessions should be submitted directly to both Professor Thomas F. Broden and John Deely . The abstracts are not to have special fonts or graphics, and are to be in the body of the email. Professor Broden will circulate the submissions to the Program Committee members, and communicate acceptance/rejection decisions. His office phone is 765-494-3857 or 765-494-3828. Read the full CFP here:

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