Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gee, Alice. "Review of Thomas Szasz's COERCION AS CURE." METAPSYCHOLOGY February 12, 2008.

Szasz, Thomas. Coercion as Cure: a Critical History of Psychiatry. Somerset, NJ: Transaction, 2007. In Coercion as Cure, Szasz covers an extensive history of the use of coercion throughout psychiatry, including the early use of various mechanical restraints (e.g. the tranquilising chair), moral treatment, the 'resting cure', insulin shock therapy, ECT, lobotomy, and finally the development of modern-day drug therapies. He maintains throughout that each one of these breakthrough 'discoveries' in psychiatric medicine are simply a reworking of old ideas, all share in common the act of coercion, that is, the depriving of innocent persons of liberty. . . . Read the rest here:

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