Saturday, January 12, 2008

John Forth on Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Wisdom on Art.

From John Forth (Melbourne Australia): Please find below an introduction to the completely 'other' philosophy of Avatar Adi Da Samraj via this beautiful essay on Sacred Art, plus related essays: General introduction: 1. Adi Da's Divine Image Art; 2. The Mummery Book: the Parable of Divine Tragedy; 3. The Restoration of the Sacred: the Politics and Culture of Intimacy and Beauty; 4. the Taboo against the Superior Man; 5. Real God as Eleutherios the Liberator 6. on the nature of Real God; 7. Broken Light; 8. The Realization of the Beautiful -- with reference to Plato's Symposium; 9. on the Childishly Primitive Mommy-Daddy 'Creator' God of Conventional Religion and Scientism -- Scientism being an Adolescent Reaction to the Parental Deity; 10. NOT TWO IS PEACE: the Necessary Politics of the Future. John Forth may be contacted at:

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