Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CFP: "Philosophy Emerging from Culture," Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Soongsil University, Seoul, July 27-29, 2008.

Email to: I. Sponsored by: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP) The International Society for Metaphysics (ISM) The World Union of Catholic Philosophy Societies (WUCPS) Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea Korean Organizing Committee for the World Congress of Philosophy II. Theme ( The theme of the 2008 World Congress of Philosophy in Seoul, "Rethinking Philosophy Today" is most appropriate. As groundwork for this broad task The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP) -- with the International Society for Metaphysics (ISM), the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies (WUCPS) and Soongsil University -- will hold a more focused conference in Seoul during the three days immediately prior the World Congress of Philosophy. Thus this pre-World Congress meeting will have as its theme "Philosophy Emerging from Culture". Its intent will be to examine this new dynamic of philosophy, moving now not only top-down to restrictively apply broad principles, but bottom-up from the full breadth of human experience and creativity to evolve more rich vision which can liberate and guide. Each morning session will consist of three studies of the day's sub-theme, each with a substantive 25 minute introduction, followed by 45 minutes of open discussion. In the afternoon parallel sessions will enable the participants to delve further into the days theme with 20 minute papers followed by equal time for open and substantive reflection upon the perspectives introduced. Submission of papers: All prospective speakers are requested to submit by March 31, 2008 a 500 word summary of their paper. These will be preprinted, along with the full texts of those selected for presentation in the morning sessions. After the conference all speakers will be asked to submit by December 1, 2008 for publication a fully elaborated edition of their paper with no upper page limit, supporting their argument with notes and references and integrating the contributions made during their discussion in Seoul. Draft Program General Sessions: Mornings Parallel sessions in the afternoons will be devoted to the day's subtheme. 1. The Dynamics of Change: What remains of modernity and why is it no longer adequate for philosophy? a. in defense of modernity: its lasting heritage b. the critique of modernity c. the philosophical dynamics of the transition to a global era 2. The Nature of Culture and its Potential as a Philosophical Source a. the subjective turn b. the new awareness of values and virtues, cultures and civilizations c. the emergence of philosophy from culture 3. The Challenges and Opportunities for Philosophy from the Global Interaction of Cultures and Civilizations a. philosophy expanded to global horizons b. philosophy deepened to basic meaning and values c. philosophy and the integration of radical diversity: again, the one and the many III. Accommodations for both the pre-Congress conference and the World Congress of Philosophy (a) Soongsil University Dormitory: Location: This older student dormitory is located within the campus of Soongsil University; one can walk to the location of the pre-Congress conference. Facilities: Multiple room occupancy with a public bathroom and shower on every floor. Cost: No room charge; a one-time administrative charge of about KRW 50,000 ($54.00); bedding to be purchased on site; further necessities reasonably charged reasonably. (b) 7 Residence Seoul University Stn.: Location: About half an hour from Soongsil University by public transportation (subway US$1.20). Full Facilities: Business Lounge, Coin Laundry Room, Fitness center, American breakfast at restaurant on 1 Floor. Daily Cost: Studio Single / Double – KRW 70,000 (approx. US$76.00) Premium Single /Double – KRW 90,000 (approx. US$98.00) IV. Transportation From the airport to Soongsil University (a) At the 4A or 10B bus stops at Incheon Airport take airport limousine bus to Gangnam Express Bus Terminal or Central City (final bus stop). Buses leave every 10 minutes; approximately 60 minutes to destination; bus fare: 13,000 won or approx US$14.00. (b) Then from Gangnam Express Bus Terminal subway station, take the subway line No. 7 bound for Onsu and get off at the Soongsil University Station. Also it is convenient to take a Taxi; average fare approximately KRW10,000 or US$11.00. From Soongsil University to the World Congress of Philosophy at Seoul National University (a) There is direct bus service from the front of Soongsil University to Seoul University. You may reach there within 30 minutes. (b) The organizing committee is planning a shuttle bus service between Soongsil University and Seoul University for which there will be additional fare. V. The Contact Information: 1. Pre-Congress Conference Registration: Email to: Name: Institution: Field of specialization: Contact information: Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Paper: (1) title and abstract (2) subsection of the program to which your paper relates 2. Accommodations for both dormitory rooms and Residence for both the July 27-29 pre-Congress conference and the World Congress of Philosophy: Meci Tour, (Ms. Samantha Kim) E-mail: Tel: + 82-2-2082-2316 Fax: +82-2-2082-2300 3. General inquires regarding logistics for the Pre-Congress Conference: WCP2008 Secretariat (Ms. Yoon-Hye Kim) E-mail: Phone: +82-2-2082-2310 Fax: +82-2-2082-2314 4. Contact Information for the World Congress of Philosophy: WCP2008 Secretariat E-mail: Phone: +82-2-2082-2310 Fax: +82-2-2082-2314 The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy P.O. Box 261, Cardinal Station Washington, D.C., 20064 Tel./fax: 202/319-6089 Website: E-mail:

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