Monday, May 30, 2011

Derrida Today Conference 2012, University of California, Irvine, July 11-13, 2012.

KEYNOTES (in alphabetical order):

Tom Cohen (University of Albany)
Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern University)
Elisabeth Roudinesco (University of Paris VII – Denis Diderot)
David Wills (University of Albany, SUNY)


The Derrida Today Conference will focus on the ongoing value of Derrida’s work to the political-ethical, cultural, artistic and public debates and 0philosophical futures that confront us.

The conference will be broadly interdisciplinary and invites contributions from a range of academic, disciplinary and cultural contexts. We will accept papers and panel proposals on any aspect of Derrida’s work or deconstruction in relation to various topics and contemporary issues, such as: philosophy, phenomenology and other theoretical/philosophical thinkers, literature, psychoanalysis, architecture and design, law, film and visual studies, haptic technologies, photography, art, music, dance, embodiment, feminism, race and whiteness studies, politics, ethics, sociology, cultural studies, queer theory, sexuality, education, science (physics, biology, medicine, chemistry), IT and multimedia, technology, etc. 


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