Monday, May 09, 2011

Cfp: "Theoretical Turbulence: a Paradigm Shift in Intercultural Communication?", 18th Symposium, Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication (NIC), Helsinki, December 1-3, 2011.

In intercultural communication, where are we theoretically and where could or should we go? Is there theoretical turbulence that is unique to this field? If so, what kind of turbulence? Are there paradigms in intercultural communication, and if so, are we in the middle of a paradigm shift?

The conference theme asks for critical evaluations and larger paradigmatic discussions of intercultural communication research and education. The concerns and questions suggested by the theme are shared in different disciplines (media and communication, education, business studies, organizational and management studies, linguistics and sociolinguists, sociology, cultural studies) in Nordic countries and all over the world.

Presentations could touch upon, but are not limited to the following themes:

• Theoretical choices in intercultural communication research;
• Critical evaluations of theories of intercultural communication;
• Pedagogical applications of theoretical knowledge in teaching and consultation;
• Examples of the application of interpretive or critical theories of intercultural communication in intercultural education and training;
• Alternative perspectives for intercultural consultation or multicultural leadership;
• Redefining key concepts in intercultural communication, for example, multicultural identity, culture, nation, diversity, intercultural communication, adaptation, intercultural skills or competence;
• Challenges for intercultural communication (theories) set by the global world and individual multicultural experiences.


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