Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pub: KRITIKE 4.2 (2011).

Editorial: In this Issue of KRITIKE: An Online Journal of Philosophy by Paolo A. Bolaños


"Paul Ricoeur's Hermeneutics of Symbols: a Critical Dialectic of Suspicion and Faith" by Alexis Deodato S. Itao
"The Vanishing Mediator and Linguistic Hospitality" by Angelo Bottone
"Palahniuk’s Tyranny of Language and Ontological Minimalism" by Daniel Hourigan
"The Mystical Force of Money" by Edward Erikson
"Commodity, Sign, and Spectable: Retracing Baudrillard's Hyperreality" by Daryl Y. Mendoza
"Mediated Psychopathy: a Critical Discourse Analysis of Newspaper Representations of Aggression" by Roland Paulsen
"Rorty's Philosophy of Education: Between Orthodoxy and Vulgar Relativism" by Rhoderick John S. Abellanosa
"Kant's Reflections on the Unity of Consciousness, Time-Consciousness, and the Unconscious" by Ben Mijuskovic
"Nietzsche and Callicles on Happiness, Pleasure, and Power" by Kristian Urstad
"Narratives and the Dialogue of Cultures of Knowledge: a Perspective on the Experience of the West and Africa" by Uchenna Okeja
"Becoming an Expression in Deleuze: Two Cases from Turkey (Fazil Say and Misirli Ahmet)" by Cetin Balanuye


"Elixirs and Fabulous Potions: On Critical Theory in the Philippines Part III (A Philosophical Fiction)" by F. P. A. Demeterio


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