Monday, April 18, 2011

"Hermeneutics and Translation Studies," University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, May 26-27, 2011.

Even though Translation Studies and Hermeneutics share a common interest in the mediating processes, these two disciplines have co-existed and developed since the advent of Translation Studies in the mid 20th century with strikingly little interaction. The purpose of this symposium is to explore avenues in which Hermeneutics and Translation Studies could complement one another, thereby strengthen research on both oral and written mediation and the mediating processes. The symposium is conceived of as a forum for posing and discussing questions of relevance to these two disciplines. In particular, the purpose of the symposium is to begin developing the contours and goals of and simultaneously setting limits to the scope of an emerging discipline, Translational Hermeneutics, which could be developed by merging these heretofore distinct research strands.

Suggested Topics:

1. A Retrospective: Hermeneutics and the Development of Translation Studies
2. The Future: the New Field of “Translational Hermeneutics”
3. Didactics of Translation and Interpreting from a Hermeneutical Point of View
4. Translation in Practice – Specialized Texts versus Literature
5. Hermeneutics, Culture and Postcolonial Translation Studies
6. Synergies: Hermeneutics and Cognitive Linguistics
7. Hermeneutics, Corpus Studies and Empirical Research – Conflicting Paradigms?


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