Monday, April 18, 2011

Cfp: "Transforming Human Nature in Science, Technology and the Arts," Dublin City University, October 21-23, 2011.

Update (April 18, 2011):

The venue has changed from Bahrain (due to the political unrest) to Dublin, Ireland. We are also extending the CFP deadline until June 1st. Please see the new details on our website: (Refresh the webpages if you have visited us before to clear your browser cache and see the updated pages.)

Original Post (January 26, 2011):

From genomics to virtual reality, technology has been changing the way human beings interact and navigate in the world at an ever increasing pace. During the last two decades, advances in technological integration are calling for special attention from thinkers across the disciplines and around the world. As the technological characteristics of the human condition impact our understanding of "the human", we are faced with radical changes in self-undersatnding and human identity. In short, through technology we are transforming human nature.

Possible Topics could include, but are not limited to:

· Bioethics, bioconservatism, bioliberalism, enhancement
· Posthumanist anthropology, aesthetics, ecology, feminism, critical theory
· Representation of human performance in technology and the arts
· Transhumanism and/or posthumanism in science fiction, fantasy, dystopian/utopian literature
· Enhancement and political discourse, regulation, and rights
· Humanism, transhumanism, and posthumanism in philosophy
· Poststructuralism, postmodernism, and posthumanism
· Transhuman and posthuman impact on ethics and/or value formation
· Phenomenology and postphenomenology
· Embodiment relations and identity
· Globalization and the spread of biomedicine and transhumanism
· Economic implications of transhumanist projects
· Popular culture and posthumanist representations
· Theology, enhancement, and the place of the posthuman
· Technology, robotics, and ethics
· Cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality
· Cyborgs and democracy
· Humanity, human, biotechnology

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