Monday, October 18, 2010

Pub: Zinn, Jens, ed. RISK AS DISCOURSE. CADAAD JOURNAL 4.2 (2010).

  • Jens O. Zinn, "Risk as Discourse: Interdisciplinary Perspectives" (pp. 106-124)
  • Reiner Grundmann and Ramesh Krishnamurthy, "The Discourse of Climate Change: a Corpus-based Approach" (pp. 125-146)
  • Georg Marko, "Heart Disease and Cancer, Diet and Exercise, Vitamins and Minerals: the Construction of Lifestyle Risks in Popular Health Discourse" (pp. 147-170)
  • Agnes Sandor, "Automatic Detection of Discourse Indicating Emerging Risk" (pp. 171-179
  • Catherine F. Smith and Donna J. Kain, "Making Sense of Hurricanes: Public Discourse and Perceived Risk of Extreme Weather" (pp. 180-196)
  • Sissel H. Jore and Ove Nja, "Risk of Terrorism: a Scientifically Valid Phenomenon or a Wild Guess? The Impact of Different Approaches to Risk Assessment" (pp. 197-216)
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