Monday, October 04, 2010

Klein-Lacan Dialogues Seminar Series, Psychoanalysis Unit at University College London, the Centre for Psychoanalysis at Middlesex University and the Research Department at the Royal College of Art, University College London, October 23, 2010-June 18, 2011.

The seminars are geared at comparing and contrasting some main psychoanalytic concepts as they have been developed by these two schools of thought. Speakers will address the issues from both a theoretical and a clinical perspective.


Introduction, 23 October 2010
Symbolic Function, 20 November 2010
Ego, 4 December 2010
Object, 15 January 2011
Body, 12 February 2011
Trauma, 12 March 2011
Autism, 9 April 2011
Affect, 21 May 2011
History-Archives, 18 June 2011
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