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Recognition has been a key philosophical notion since the early works of Fichte and Hegel and recognition studies nowadays draw philosophers and social scientists alike, trying to understand the intersubjective nature of human interaction. Paul Ricoeur himself made a significant contribution to the development of these studies with his 2004 book The Course of Recognition, where he tries to understand the rule-governed polysemy of the uses of recognition in philosophy. In doing this he sketches his own hypothesis of recognition as the mutual exchange of symbolic gifts. With this last, seminal book, Ricœur is simultaneously showing his readers the latest developments of his philosophical career, summarizing the different semantical developments of the notion of recognition in philosophy and ultimately proposing a paradigm of recognition rather different from the ones proposed by the Hegelian or neo-Hegelian philosophies. We wish to understand the importance of Ricœur’s voice in this debate and also to grasp the way his late philosophy changes radically with the focus on recognition.

We are primarily interested in contributions that add genuine insight into Ricoeur’s writings and the existing scholarship on the subject but not in paraphrases or summaries of his thought. We welcome, in particular, contributions that involve comparisons between authors (Ricoeur/Hegel, Ricoeur/Charles Taylor, Ricoeur/Axel Honneth, Ricoeur/Marcel Hénaff …) or the significant connection between recognition and specific topics such as justice, multiculturalism, institutions. Contributions explaining the significance of recognition within Ricoeur’s thought (for example, how does recognition unfold in his philosophy even before The Course of Recognition, what are the implications of the conceptual change from the notion of attestation to that of recognition, to name just a few possibilities) are also welcome. Any proposal trying to apply the notion of recognition, in connection with Ricœur’s work, to the realm of praxis, or to try to correct Ricoeur’s proposals on recognition, in order to better apply them ethically or politically, will also be welcome.

Submissions can be from any disciplinary perspective and can include any aspect of Ricoeur’s work, but they must have a clear connection to the selected theme for this particular issue.

In addition to papers on the proposed theme, the journal also seeks book reviews of recent works on Ricoeur’s thought or other works associated with perspectives taken up in his work. Book reviews and articles on various topics (to be published under the heading of « Varia ») are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Deadline: January 30, 2011.

Length: Submissions should be no more than 50,000 characters in length (including endnotes).

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