Monday, October 04, 2010

Cfp: Fleming, Paul, et al., eds. Special Issue on Hans Blumenberg. TELOS (forthcoming).

The American reception of Hans Blumenberg's work reached a highpoint in the 1980s with Robert M. Wallace's remarkable translation of three monumental volumes: The Legitimacy of the Modern Age, Work on Myth, and The Genesis of the Copernican World. Since then, interest in Blumenberg's work in the United States has remained steady but small. With the forthcoming translations of Paradigms for a Metaphorology (Cornell UP, translated by Robert Savage) and Care Crosses the River (Stanford UP, translated by Paul Fleming), we would like to use this resumed interest in Blumenberg as an opportunity to reconsider his work and the importance of his thought for today. We invite essays on all aspects of Blumenberg's oeuvre, especially topics that have received less attention in the United States, such as metaphorology, anthropology, and non-conceptuality (first developed in the afterword to Shipwreck with Spectator), as well as essays that reconsider, for example, his earlier thought on secularization or modernity in light of recently published posthumous works, such as his correspondence with Carl Schmitt or the volume on Ernst Jünger. Finally, we encourage essays that examine Blumenberg the writer, Blumenberg the stylist, where one takes into account the polemical and playful, the anecdotal and metaphorical aspects of his writing.

We seek submissions of a maximum 6,500 words (7,500 with notes) by June 1, 2011. Articles should conform to Telos style and formatting guidelines. Please direct inquiries and abstracts to Paul Fleming, Department of German, New York University (

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