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Pub: Richard Rorty, THE RORTY READER.

Rorty, Richard.  The Rorty Reader.  Ed. Christopher J. Voparil and Richard J. Bernstein.  Oxford: Blackwell, 2010.

Source Acknowledgments.
General Introduction.

Part I: Toward Philosophy without Mirrors:

1. Introduction,The Linguistic Turn.
2. Dewey’s Metaphysics.
3. Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature: Introduction and Chapter VIII.
4. Pragmatism, Relativism, and Irrationalism.
5. Nineteenth-Century Idealism and Twentieth-Century Textualism.

Part II: Conversations with Analytic Philosophy:

6. From Logic to Language to Play.
7. Pragmatism, Davidson, and Truth.
8. Twenty-Five Years After.
9. Putnam and the Relativist Menace.
10. Analytic and Conversational Philosophy.

Part III: From Antirepresentationalism to Political Liberalism:

11. Philosophy as Science, as Metaphor, and as Politics.
12. Solidarity or Objectivity?
13. The Priority of Democracy to Philosophy.
14. Freud and Moral Reflection.
15. Private Irony and Liberal Hope.

Part IV: Pragmatism, Literature, and Democracy:

16. The Humanistic Intellectual: Eleven Theses.
17. Heidegger, Kundera, and Dickens.
18. De Man and the American Cultural Left.
19. Feminism and Pragmatism.
20. Human Rights, Rationality, and Sentimentality.
21. Looking Backwards from the Year 2096.
22. American National Pride: Whitman and Dewey.
23. Redemption from Egotism: James and Proust as Spiritual Exercises.

Part V: Philosophy as Cultural Politics:

24. Truth without Correspondence to Reality.
25. Ethics without Principles.
26. Justice as a Larger Loyalty.
27. Pragmatism as Romantic Polytheism.
28. Religion in the Public Square: A Reconsideration.
29. Is “Cultural Recognition” a Useful Concept for Leftist Politics?
30. Philosophy as a Transitional Genre.

Part VI: Autobiographical:

31. From Philosophy to Post-Philosophy.
32. Trotsky and the Wild Orchids.
33. Biography and Philosophy.
34. The Fire of Life.

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