Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cfp: Symposium on Queer and Feminist Narrative Theories, Sponsored by Project Narrative, Ohio State University, May 12-14, 2011.

The symposium is motivated by the question, “What are the theoretical principles driving current work on gender and narrative or sexuality and narrative?” Twenty-five years after the first feminist narratologists brought cultural context to bear on the formal analysis of texts, theorists and critics continue coming to new insights about gender, sexuality, and sexual identity through the study of narrative. This symposium brings together scholars in literature, performance studies, and popular culture who are interested in the ways narrative represents, structures, and constitutes gender and sexuality, and vice versa.

This is to be an all-plenary symposium, featuring nine 30-minute speakers and three round tables on “burning questions” in the field. The Symposium will break for two hours on Saturday into seminar groups to discuss work in progress by senior scholars. We seek proposals for 30-minute talks to be followed by 30 minutes of plenary discussion.

The question to consider as you think about what you might contribute is simply, “What is queer and/or feminist about the work I am doing on narrative right now? Or, what is narrative-theoretical about the work I am doing on gender and/or sexuality?” Broadly theoretical papers and close analyses of texts would be equally welcome, as long as the close readings lead up to a generalizable point about queer and/or feminist narrative or narrative theories. Any topic in literary or cultural studies is appropriate.

Send 500-word proposal and 2-page c.v. to Robyn Warhol at

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