Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pub: KRITIKE 4.1 (2010).

Editorial: In this Issue of Kritike: an Online Journal of Philosophy by Paolo A. Bolaños


  • "Archeology and Humanism: An Incongruent Foucault" by Chris Calvert-Minor
  • "Genealogy and Subjectivity: An Incoherent Foucault (A Response to Calvert-Minor)" by Brian Lightbody
  • "Ang Demokratikong Sistema at ang mga Modelo ng Pamumuno sa Pilipinas" by F. P. A. Demeterio
  • "Isang Reaksyon sa 'Ang Demokratikong Sistema at ang mga Modelo ng Pamumuno sa Pilipinas'” by Paolo A. Bolaños

  • "Technology, Technological Domination and the Great Refusal: Marcuse’s Critique of the Advanced Industrial Society" by Jeffry V. Ocay
  • "Between Collingwood’s and Croce’s Art-Theories: A Comparative Study" by Raymundo R. Pavo
  • "The Existential Turn: Re-appraising Heidegger’s Overcoming of Metaphysics" by Rufus Duits
  • "The Crisis of Identity in Africa: A Call for Subjectivity" by Thomas Kochalumchuvattil
  • "No Name: Paul Celan’s Critique of Naming" by Antti Eemeli Salminen
  • "Reflections on Meaningfulness" by Nicole Note
  • "Frege: The Theory of Meaning Concerning Proper Names" by Sikander Jamil
  • "The Wonder of Humanity in Plato’s Dialogues" by David W. Bollert
  • "Other Selves" by Efren A. Alverio
Book Reviews:

  • Braver, Lee, Heidegger’s Later Writings: A Reader’s Guide by Paul J. Ennis
  • Kelly, Mark G.E., The Political Philosophy of Michel Foucault by Kristoffer A. Bolaños
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