Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pub: RETHINKING 1968. PHAENEX 4.2 (2009).

Editorial Introduction: "Rethinking 1968" by KEVIN W. GRAY i-ii
  • "May 1968, Sartre and Sarkozy Abstract by JEAN-PIERRE BOULÉ 1-25
  • "Saving 1968: Thinking with Habermas against Habermas" by KEVIN W. GRAY 26-44
  • "The May 1968 Archives: a Presentation of the Anti-Technocratic Struggle in May 1968" by ANDREW FEENBERG 45-59
  • "May ’68 and the One-Dimensional State" by CHRIS REYNOLDS 60-77
  • "The Frankfurt School’s Interest in Freud and the Impact of Eros and Civilization on the Student Protest Movement in Germany: a Brief History" by PETER-ERWIN JANSEN 78-96
  • "Les événements de Mai as Theory and Practice" by ADRIAN SWITZER 97-129
  • "Sartre’s Pure Critical Theory" by JOHN DUNCAN 130-175
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