Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cfp: "Shifting the Geography of Reason: Music, Rhythm and Movement," 7th Annual Conference, Caribbean Philosophical Association, Cartagena, Colombia, August 11-14, 2010.

We invite proposals from scholars in any discipline who aim to 'shift the geography of reason' by exploring critical, theoretical, and creative questions about or relating to the Caribbean, its Diaspora, and the 'global south' more generally, including the South in the North. We particularly welcome North-South and South-South intersections and/or dialogues. In recognition of the central importance of music, dance, festivals, and performance in the Caribbean, this meeting will focus on shifting the geography and bio-graphy of reason through music, rhythm, and movement. Both, paper and panel proposals that address the broader and ongoing organizing theme of the CPA (“shifting the geography of reason”), and those that focus on any of the specific themes highlighted in this year’s conference, are welcome. We invite explorations of race and racism, gender, colonization and decolonization, sexuality, imperialism, and migration, social and intellectual movements, and related areas, not only in the Caribbean, but globally. We accept proposals in English, French, and Spanish.

Send submissions for panels and abstracts of individual presentations by March 31st, 2010,by email to  Visit the conference website here:

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