Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oldeschulte, Rudy. Review of Sergio Benvenuto, et al., eds. IN FREUD'S TRACKS. MOR (July 2009).

Benvenuto, Sergio, and Anthony Molino, eds. In Freud's Tracks: Conversations from the Journal of European Psychoanalysis. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield--Jason Aronson, 2008. This collection of interviews, previously published in the Journal of European Psychoanalysis, is both fascinating and unique in its array of contributions from philosophers, psychoanalysts, historians, intellectuals, and literary critics. Several of the contributors have also practiced as political activists, a 'revolutionary philosopher', and even an economist. Each is tied in some respect to psychoanalysis -- either clinically or theoretically. Many of the contributor's works were not available in English prior to their publication in the JEP. Indeed, many of the individuals interviewed are likely unknown to many, if not most, American readers. Contributors come from Europe, from South America, and a few from individuals that have since immigrated to the United States -- and the conversations are offered with a view toward that premise of the psychoanalytic enterprise of inquiry and understanding. This book is divided into three sections, with fifteen individual interviews. The three sections attempt to divide the interviews into historical perspectives, psychoanalytic views from the philosophical and political arena, and lastly from clinical practice and societal issues. The goal of the collection is based on the philosophy underlying the Journal itself -- that of bringing together the divergent, even "fractious" views about the theoretical alliances and the clinical practice of psychoanalysis. The editors hope to "help propagate multiple forms of thinking into a galaxy ready, and yearning, to be revitalized." . . . Read the rest here:

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