Wednesday, August 05, 2009

3rd International Conference on George Santayana, Faculty of Philosophy & Sciences of Education, University of Valencia & Limbo, November 16-18, 2009.

The first day will be devoted to considering the place Santayana has in the world, particularly to his relation with Spain, the USA, Europe and Argentina. The second will treat Santayana's relation with philosophy, in particular with pragmatism and Wittgenstein. The closing day will deal with art, literature and aesthetics. There will be some time devoted to papers, listening to music and reading poems. Among the professors invited are Herman Saatkamp and Manuel Garrido, who will open and close the Conference respectively, Pedro García, Krzyzstof Skowronski, Graziella Fantini, Vicente Cervera, Matt Flamn, John Lachs, Ángel Manuel Faerna, Ramón del Castillo, Vicente Sanfélix, David Dilworth, Cayetano Estébanez and Giuseppe Patella. At the beginning of the Conference a book will be distributed dealing with Santayana (Materiales para una utopía: una antología poética y dos textos filosóficos). Lectures will be published in a book form and papers in a CD. Deadlines: The deadline for sending the summaries will be July 30 and for sending the complete article will be September 1. Confirmation of acceptance will be communicated before September 30. For further information, visit the conference webpage here:

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