Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pub: INFORMAL LOGIC 29.2 (2009).

  • "Resources for Research on Analogy: a Multi-disciplinary Guide" by Marcello Guarini, Amy Butchart, Paul Simard Smith, Andrei Moldovan. pp. 84-197; Abstract PDF
  • "Analogies and Other Minds" by Bryan Benham. pp. 198-214; Abstract PDF
  • "Jumping to a Conclusion: Fallacies and Standards of Proof" by Douglas Walton, Thomas F. Gordon. pp. 215-243; Abstract PDF
Book Reviews:
  • "Dissociation in Argumentative Discussions: a Pragma-dialectical Perspective" by Edward Schiappa. pp. 244-246; PDF
  • "Der Begriff Des Arguments: Über Die Beziehungen Zwischen Wissen, Forschen, Glauben, Subjektivitat Und Vernunft" by Christian Kock PDF
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