Thursday, July 09, 2009

Palmer, Clare. Review of Paola Cavalieri, ed. THE DEATH OF THE ANIMAL. NDPR (July 2009).

Cavalieri, Paola, ed. The Death of the Animal: a Dialogue. New York: Columbia UP, 2009. The Death of the Animal is an imaginatively structured and thought-provoking addition to the growing Columbia University Press series in animal studies. It brings together -- and into dialogue -- a number of prominent scholars in the field: the book is introduced by Peter Singer; the anchoring chapter is by Paola Cavalieri; while Cary Wolfe, Matthew Calarco, John Coetzee and Harlan Miller contribute the other essays. The volume continues the trend in animal studies toward the publication of edited collections -- for instance Killing Animals (Illinois UP, 2006) and Philosophy and Animal Life (Columbia UP, 2007) -- in which the authors explicitly respond to one another's contributions, creating an ongoing conversation rather than a series of stand-alone papers. . . . Read the rest here:

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