Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Table of Contents: Special Articles:
  • "The Hegelian 'Night of the World': Žižek on Subjectivity, Negativity, and Universality" by Robert Sixto Sinnerbrink Abstract English
  • "Žižek and the Real Hegel" by David J. Gunkel Abstract English
  • "The Concrete Universal in Žižek and Hegel" by Wendell Kisner Abstract English
  • "Žižek's Phenomenology of the Subject" by Tere Vaden Abstract English
  • "Christ, Hegel, Wagner" by Slavoj Žižek English
  • "Kant, or the Crack in the Universal: Slavoj Zizek’s Politicising of the Transcendental Turn" by Matthew Sharpe Abstract English
  • "Interpassivity Revisited: a Critical and Historical Reappraisal of Interpassive Phenomena" by Gijs van Oenen Abstract English
  • "Alain Badiou and the ‘Platonism of the Multiple’ - or, on What the Gesture of the Re-Entanglement of Mathematics and Philosophy Implies" by Roque Farran Abstract English Español
Reviews and Debates:
  • "The Only Hope of the Revolution is the Crowd: the Limits of Žižek’s Leninism" by Paul Kellogg Details English
  • "Symbolic Violence and Global Capitalism" by Tonci Valentic English
  • "A - A = a" by Seongmin Lee Korean English
  • "A Review of The Universal Exception" by Hsiang Hsu Chinese English
  • "Rejecting both Mao and Deng: Slavoj Žižek and Waiting for the Leftist Critique to Come" by Nathan Coombs English
  • "Film Review - Žižek!" by René Lemieux English Française
  • "Clinical Experience" by Janne Kurki Details English
Student Contributions:
  • "Who Needs Yalom When We Have Žižek?" by William John Urban Abstract English
  • "Vertigo by Far East (Italiano)" by Marco Grosoli Abstract Italiano
  • "M. Hommelette’s Wild Ride: Lamella as a Category of Shame" by Christine Evans Abstract English
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