Wednesday, August 06, 2008

7th Conference on Argumentation, International Society for the Study of Argumentation, University of Amsterdam, June 29-July 2, 2010.

Keynote Speakers: Maurice Finocchiaro (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) James Klumpp (University of Maryland) James Freeman (Hunter College, City University of New York). The planning committee of the 7th ISSA Conference invites presentations of original, non-published work on argumentation. Argumentation theorists, (informal) logicians, discourse analysts, communication scholars, rhetoricians, legal scholars, and other scholars involved in the study of argumentation are all encouraged to take part. Anyone who wishes to present a paper can submit an abstract in English to the planning committee by sending an e-mail attachment to Abstracts (ca. 250 words), prepared for blind refereeing, must be submitted in Word no later than November 1, 2009. All abstracts should be accompanied by a separate file in which the author indicates his/her research interests and provides a list of key publications on argumentation. Please include your surname and "issa abstract" in the subject entry of your e-mail message. Themes: Argument schemes Argumentation structures Fallacies Theoretical issues Argumentative strategies Argumentation and stylistics Ethos and pathos in argumentation Analysis of controversies Argumentation in debate Persuasion research Interpersonal argumentation Visual argumentation Religious argumentation Argumentation and epistemology Argumentation in the media Argumentation in a medical context Argumentation in a legal context Argumentation in a political context Further information on the 7th ISSA Conference is available at: The address of the planning committee is: Frans H. van Eemeren, University of Amsterdam, Department of Speech Communication, Argumentation Theory and Rhetoric, Spuistraat 134, 1012 VB Amsterdam; email:

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