Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Foucault Across the Disciplines," University of California, Berkeley, March 1-2, 2008.

Update: Conference organizers are currently at work on a special issue of the journal History of the Human Sciences. This special issue will include select papers from among those presented at the conference. Publication is currently planned for sometime in early 2010. Please email the conference organizer (Colin Koopman at for further information. Additionally, a second archive is available online on the conference website in the form of audio recordings of the conference proceedings. To listen to these MP3 recordings click on the audio icon next to each presentation title in the conference schedule available at the conference homepage (URL below). Original Post (January 23, 2008): "Foucault Across the Disciplines" will be a national conference providing a forum for assessing and reassessing the tremendous impact of Michel Foucault’s thought across the disciplines over the past half century. This conference will convene an interdisciplinary group of scholars of world and national renown to explore the many ways in which Foucault’s work is being deployed across the disciplines. These cross-disciplinary deployments assume at least two forms: they are challenges to the disciplines that define our academic research formations, and they are critiques of specific disciplinary apparatuses. We hope to establish lines of engagement that will extend innovative research paths beyond the current limits of inquiry. Speakers include: Arnold Davidson, Ian Hacking, Martin Jay, Mark Poster, Paul Rabinow, Jana Sawicki, Hans Sluga, Hayden White, among others. Further information is available here:

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