Friday, April 18, 2008

"Nietzsche in New York," CUNY Graduate Center, May 1-3, 2008.

"Nietzsche in New York" (NiNY) is an annual meeting of scholars whose research focuses on Nietzsche's philosophy and related areas. It is intended to be a productive, interactive event where we help each other define problems and ways of addressing them. NiNY aims to build a community that provides one of the only opportunities in the United States for specialists and researchers in allied sub-fields to discuss Nietzsche (and related topics) over the course of several days. The primary goals are to share information and give and receive helpful criticism of recent and new research. The following suggests ways in which persons might participate:
  • Read a portion of a larger paper or new book.
  • Outline a new research stream.
  • Provide detailed information about new publications (articles, collections, monographs).
  • Discuss plans for a future publication.
  • Solicit advice and criticism on a new research plan or recent publication.
  • Lead a discussion of a particular passage from Nietzsche's works, set of passages, or interpretation(s) thereof that have some particular philosophical relevance that you'll sketch for us.

Papers and presentations need not be strictly limited to discussion of Nietzsche; works on areas of contemporary philosophy to which Nietzsche is relevant are certainly welcome.

The conference homepage is here:

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