Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Frazier, Brad. "Review of Edward Grippe's RICHARD RORTY'S NEW PRAGMATISM." METAPYSCHOLOGY ONLINE REVIEWS April 8, 2008.

Grippe, Edward. Richard Rorty's New Pragmatism: Neither Liberal Nor Free. London: Continuum, 2007. In conclusion, one of the most amazing things about Grippe's treatment of Rorty is that he claims to have "pulled some punches" and generally to have "erred on the side of caution when calling Rorty's narrative into question" (147). This passage occurs just after Grippe calls Rorty a sophist and suggests a comparison with Meletus, Socrates's accuser (145-46). It is followed by Grippe's comparing Rorty to a "corner preacher who quotes the Christian Bible" and his implying that the "twentieth century's atrocities and violations of human integrity" will predispose us to reject Rorty's position. Grippe avers that Rorty leaves us weak-kneed before the Nazis because of his rejection of Enlightenment views of reason. In the same section, Grippe asserts that "Rorty's efforts are as hegemonic as the efforts of, for instance, the Crusaders to convert the Muslim 'infidels' in order to have the God utopia on earth" (150). Elsewhere Rorty is likened to a demagogue. I was left wondering which punches Grippe pulled. For persons interested in engaging Rorty in his best and most profound moments and in understanding why he was a world-class philosopher, I suggest that you look elsewhere. . . . Read the rest here:

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