Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The new editor writes: Welcome to the new online presence of the Journal of Nietzsche Studies. With the development of this site, the Journal takes another major step forward in an exciting period of growth and renewal. Here you'll find continuously developing new content as well as an attractive repository of previously published materials. Beginning with issue 37 (due spring 2009), book reviews and philologica materials will be published online in a searchable, full-text format, as well as in PDF via Project Muse. This change will allow us to publish more content as well as serve as a more timely resource for critical views on the most current research. The co-publishing venture launched here will enable us to publish good work faster and for a larger audience. The editorial team has worked hard to bring this project to fruition. I am particularly grateful to editorial assistant David Cerequas for the design and execution of the site. The reorganization necessary to do the work produced a temporary delay in our regular publication schedule. Please see the announcement concerning our forthcoming combined issue 35/36, which will appear in fall 2008. Subscribers will not lose any issues as a result of this delay. It is also my great pleasure to announce that we have completed our distinguished roster of experts serving on our editorial board. The board includes figures widely recognized for significantly influencing Nietzsche studies during the past thirty years. While their particular interests and approaches diverge, they share a commitment to making the Journal of Nietzsche Studies a venue that serves as an index for the most probing philosophical research, a genuine guide to the literature through its reviews, and a helpful resource for further inquiry. Here is the new URL:

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