Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"Non-Human Narratives," Bournemouth University, April 27, 2011.

10.00-11.00 Panel 1: Negotiating the Posthuman Landscape

"Consuming the Climate: Re-thinking Meat and Dairy Consumption in the Politics of Climate Change" – Julie Doyle, University of Brighton
"The Machine Starts: Computers as Collaborators in Writing" – Joe Flintham, Bournemouth University

11.15-12.15 Panel 2: Extratextual Approaches to Nonhuman Narratives

"Costume as Character Arc" – Craig Batty, Bournemouth University
"Knit One, Bite One: Feminine Handicrafts and Vampire Fan Art" – Brigid Cherry, Saint Mary’s University College, London

12.15-1.15 Lunch

Exhibitions and workshops by members of Bournemouth University’s Narrative Research Group(NRG)

1.15-2.15 Plenary Address

"Stories, Minds, and Media: Nonhuman Experiences in Graphic Narratives" – David Herman, Ohio State University

2.15-3.15 Panel 3: Animals in the Movies

"Will the Real Bonzo Please Stand Up: Making and Unmaking Animal Stars in Hollywood" – Claire Molloy, University of Brighton
"Animal Saintliness: Creaturely Life in the Films of Robert Bresson" – Anat Pick, University of East London

3.30-4.30 Panel 4: Inhuman Narratives

"Complexity and Ambiguity: An Examination of the Monster and the Monstrous within Contemporary ‘Neo-nasty’ Horror Films" – Shaun Kimber, Bournemouth University
"A Critical Stylistic Approach to True Crime Serial Killer Narratives" – Christiana Gregoriou, University of Leeds

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