Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cfp: "New Perspectives on Hermeneutics in the Social Sciences and Practical Philosophy," International Conference on Ricoeur Studies, the Society for Ricoeur Studies and the Fonds Ricoeur, National Research University ‘Higher School of Economics,' Moscow, September 13–16, 2011.

This international conference builds on a tradition of Ricoeur scholarship established by the University of Kent conference ‘From Ricoeur to Action’ (June 2009) and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa conference ‘Reading Ricoeur Once Again: Hermeneutics and Practical Philosophy’ (July 2010). The spirit of this conference is to further promote the world-wide dialogue between academic communities and individuals studying Paul Ricoeur’s oeuvre.

The conference aims to analyze Ricoeur’s contribution to the social sciences and practical philosophy, in particular, the way hermeneutics constitutes new forms of exploration of human action and social life. The topics discussed at the conference may concern both epistemological and ontological issues of language, discourse, and textuality in contemporary social thought.

We welcome critical and constructive papers assessing the contributions of Ricoeurian philosophy in any one of these areas, including papers from scholars who are not specialists in Ricoeur and whose insights will help to interpret and rethink the perspectives of hermeneutical analysis. Areas of particular interest include but are not limited to:

Action Theory
Narrative Analysis
Event Theory
Memory Studies
Social Epistemology and Methodology
Critical Theory
Political Theory and Identity
Social and Political Imaginary
Ideology and Utopia
Theology, Religion and Society
Hermeneutics and Law
Applied Ethics
Recognition Theory
Literary Theory and Self-Understanding
The Prospects for and Limits of Human Capability

For purposes of consideration, please submit an electronic abstract only (of roughly 300-500 words) and attach a separate title page that includes the paper's title, the author's name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, and email address. Notification of acceptance will be given via email. Final papers should be thirty minutes when read aloud. Abstracts and queries should be sent to Anna Borisenkova. Email:

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