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Pub: Huhn, Peter, et al., eds. THE LIVING HANDBOOK OF NARRATOLOGY. Hamburg: Hamburg UP, 2009 - .

The Living Handbook of Narratology (LHN) is based on the Handbook of Narratology first published by Walter de Gruyter in 2009. As an open access publication it makes available all of the 32 articles contained in the original print version—and more: the LHN also offers the additional functionality of an electronic publication, including full-text search facility, one-click-export of reference information, and digital humanities tools for text analysis.

The LHN continuously expands its original content base by adding new articles on further concepts and theories fundamental to narratology, and to the study of narrative in general. The LHN is published in a WiKi-System: it offers registered narratologists the opportunity to comment on existing articles, to suggest additions or corrections, and to submit new articles to the editors.

  • Author by Jörg Schönert
  • Character by Fotis Jannidis
  • Cognitive Narratology by David Herman
  • Coherence by Michael Toolan
  • Conversational Narration / Oral Narration by Monika Fludernik
  • Dialogism by David Shepherd
  • Event and Eventfulness by Peter Hühn
  • Fictional vs. Factual Narration by Jean-Marie Schaeffer
  • Focalization by Burkhard Niederhoff
  • Heteroglossia by Valerij Tjupa
  • Identity and Narration by Michael Bamberg
  • Illusion (Aesthetic) by Werner Wolf
  • Implied Author by Wolf Schmid
  • Mediacy and Narrative Mediation by Jan Alber and Monika Fludernik
  • Metalepsis by John Pier
  • Metanarration and Metafiction by Birgit Neumann and Ansgar Nünning
  • Narration in Film by Johann N. Schmidt
  • Narration in Poetry and Drama by Peter Hühn and Roy Sommer
  • Narration in Various Disciplines by Norbert Meuter
  • Narration in Various Media by Marie-Laure Ryan
  • Narrative Constitution by Michael Scheffel
  • Narrative Levels by Didier Coste and John Pier
  • Narrativity by H. Porter Abbott
  • Narratology by Jan Christoph Meister
  • Narrator by Uri Margolin
  • Performativity by Ute Berns
  • Perspective / Point of View by Burkhard Niederhoff
  • Reader by Gerald Prince
  • Schemata by Catherine Emmott and Marc Alexander
  • Space by Marie-Laure Ryan
  • Speech Representation by Brian McHale
  • Tellability by Raphaël Baroni
LHN is a product of the Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology, Hamburg University (

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